History of Cynthia Pierce

Cynthia Pierce was born and raised in the state of Texas and has been involved with regional “Texana” for twenty years. Her interest in local genre led her though many phases of development. Although her works have been exhibited, prized and sold throughout the state and the Rio Grande Valley, she claims Austin, her as her home, where she taught painting and drawing for seventeen years. New inspiration was found on the streets of Central America where she painted among local Indians. Her major theme, “La Ruta Maya” (the root of the Maya) continued to be her focal point for five years. Cynthia experiments with a broad range of medium including ceramic sculpture, ceramic murals (high and low relief), drawing, watercolor, silkscreen, etching, oil and acrylic. In 1988 she received a National Endowment Grant to study at the University of Pennsylvania. She then exhibited in Texas and Mexico with three one-man shows, and eventually opened her own gallery, “Las Bellas Artes” in San Miguel de Allende.

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