About Cynthia Pierce

To Play. To Dream. To Explore. To Imagine. To Work. To See. To Nurture. To Grow. To Love.

In the last third of my life, I return to the world of a child. My deepest desire, my urge is to just make things, and the studio has become a playground where each bowl, each drawing, each painting can stand complete within itself. One train of thought threads through one entire piece, independent of other work.
The Center of my life has always been in the arts: painting, drawing, print making, ceramics. Playing and experimenting led me into teaching drawing and painting, British heritage, and writing at St. Joseph Academy in Brownsville, Texas for 17 years. During that time the border to Mexico opened travel for me into Latin America where I drew and painted among the indigenous peoples along the “Maya Trail.”
In 1988 I received a National Endowment Grant to study at the University of Pennsylvania where I had a easel at the Philadelphia Art Museum. My first of three one man show was in Brownsville  in 1989. The Second in Austin, and the third in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
Latin America called to me in the 90’s.  The Guatemalan Highlands had the light and colors that I desired. “Chicken-buses” carried me from market to market with rolled up canvases and drawing pads. For three years I took up residence in San Miguel de Allende to study lithography and etching and to paint. Eventually, this led me to open my own gallery.
The business aspect of art was not appealing, and that pushed me back to Austin where my small studio and yard have become home. Here I can  explore, follow and capture the thread that leads me to new spaces. Using a kick wheel made for me in Mexico, I play with Grolleg porcelain. Most of my work  center on the “perfect bowl.” Lately I’m pulling from my Mexican roots, and the skull has become prominent as a decorative edge. Even though my paintings explore color my high size glazes are studies of black, white and grey.
I will never be a production potter. My goal is to let each piece have its oven space. The clay tells me where it wants to go.

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